Friends - [10x16] - The One With Rachel's Going Away Party

The One with Rachel's Going Away Party [10.16][edit]

Rachel: You really think I didn't say goodbye to you because I don't care?
Ross: That's what it seemed like.
Rachel: I cannot believe that after ten years you do not know one thing about me!
Ross: Fine. Then why didn't you say something?
Rachel: Because it is too damn hard, Ross! I can't even begin to explain to you how much I am going to miss you. When I think about not seeing you every day, it makes me not want to go. Okay? So if you think I didn't say goodbye to you because you don't mean as much to me as everybody else, you're wrong. It's because you mean more to me. So there, all right? There's your goodbye.

Rachel: [crying, barely understandable] I don't know what I'm going to do without you!
Monica: [crying, barely understandable] You're the greatest friend I ever had.
Rachel: [crying, barely understandable] I'm gonna miss seeing you everyday!
Monica: [crying] What?
Rachel: [crying, barely understandable] I...I...I... I'm gonna miss seeing you everyday!
Monica: [crying, barely understandable] That is so sweet! [they hug]

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